Ty Taylor

Ty was born in Moss Point, Mississippi into a musical family. Having a father who was a  well known local musician, and two brothers who are excellent musicians in their own right, Ty begin to learn from them all at a very early age. Ty began playing shows at age eight, and has been playing nonstop sense. It wasn’t long before folks began to take notice of Ty’s natural guitar ability, and he was soon being sought after as a studio musician on the local scene. To date, Ty has done several sessions of studio work in Nashville, and is a regular “go to” guy at the well known, Dockside Studios in Maurice, Louisiana.

Besides being a super guitarist, Ty also plays several other instruments, to include 5 string banjo and pedal steel guitar. As a guitarist and pedal steel guitarist, Ty has backed on stage artists such as Trace Adkins, Jeff Bates, Paul Overstreet, and many others and has had the honor to be  opening act for Willie Nelson. Ty’s talent as a song writer began to take shape over fifteen years ago, and his skills are evident in the fact that he co-wrote all the songs on his debut album “Living The Wildlife”.  Ty is currently in production of a brand new album showcasing his many talents not only as a musician and vocalist, but songwriter as well.

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