David Lee


In an ever changing music world fraught with people trying to be something they’re not, David Lee is nothing but himself, a Wichita Falls born Texas native and a third generation musician.The Grammy nominated and multi award winning songwriter cut his teeth playing a mix of blues and country music in Texas honky tonks.In 1993 David moved to Nashville with his new wife Stacie to chase his dream of performing and writing music. Only weeks after arriving in Nashville, David put away the idea of performing and focused on honing his craft. He spent countless nights at songwriting venues not to perform his original music but to listen to the best songwriters in the world, Lee deciphered their rhyme schemes, their melodies, subject matter and their sheer honest emotion, David Lee was the perfect student. Hours upon hours of writing lyric and melody, Lee always challenged himself to be better, to keep his mind open to criticism and change. With uncanny focus and collaborating with other aspiring writers like himself, Lee wanted the opportunity to write as a staff writer, to make a real living doing what he loved, writing country music.

More about David Lee here davidleemusic.com
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